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Women Challenged In Engaging in SME Ministry

Women are being encouraged to approach the ministry and discuss potential areas of partnership to support enterprise development, according to Small and Medium Enterprise Development Permanent Secretary YVONNE MPUNDU.

The Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) offers possibilities for women to start or grow their enterprises, and Mrs. MPUNDU has counseled them to do so.

She points out that women have contributed greatly to the financial industry and should have greater senior positions.

When Mrs. MPUNDU attended the Access bank Women’s Banking Breakfast in Lusaka, she was speaking.

In the meantime, Access Bank Board Chairman ANNE SAMPA stated that the bank is a strong proponent of female leadership and promotes women’s health because it recognizes its significance.

Moreover, Access Bank Chief Executive Officer LISHALA SITUMBEKO stated that by continuing to include women in a variety of capacities, the bank is looking beyond equity and equality.

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