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WOOLLEY: Investor Confidence Increased by Graft Fight

Taking action is essential, according to NICHOLAS WOOLLEY, the British High Commissioner to Zambia.

According to Mr. WOOLLEY, efforts must be made to prevent corruption rather than be perceived as being made to encourage foreign investment in the nation.

According to him, the United Kingdom has tough rules requiring its businesses to defend themselves from bribery and corruption wherever they do business.

Given that UK companies have spent more than £1.44 billion in Zambia over the last 12 months, Mr. WOOLLEY adds that this is a positive reflection on the Zambian government’s anti-corruption approach.

In keeping with International Anti-Corruption Day, he made this declaration in an interview with ZNBC news.

Mr. WOOLLEY stated that exposing corruption and dealing with it through the proper channels and independent institutions demonstrates the effectiveness of the institutions.

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