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Yamba’s Application Thrown Out

Former Treasury Secretary FREDSON YAMBA failed in his attempt to stop the criminal investigation into a case where he is accused of corruption.

Mr. YAMBA’s application was rejected by the Constitutional Court because it lacked merit.

Also, civil actions cannot be utilized to delay criminal proceedings, according to Deputy Constitutional Court President MARGARET MUNALULA.

Mr. YAMBA asked the Constitutional Court to step in and halt his case’s progress before the Economic and Financial Crime Court while the Constitutional Court resolved any constitutional difficulties.

This relates to a case in which Mr. YAMBA has been accused of engaging in corrupt behavior involving approximately 33 million dollars.

When he allowed a 33,750,000 dollar advance payment to China Energy Engineering Group – Hunan Electric Power Design Institute Co. Ltd for the development of FTJ Chiluba University in Mansa and Kasama in 2018, it is alleged that he violated protocol.

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