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Youth Attitude With CDF Projects, East Minister Irks

According to Eastern Province Minister PETER PHIRI, he is saddened by reports that several adolescents who were participating in programs sponsored by the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) had stopped going.

Despite receiving scholarships, some young people, according to Mr. PHIRI, have not shown up for class.

He claims that some youngsters’ decision to stop attending and leave the programs is a waste of government funds that could have gone toward other initiatives for development.

This was said by Mr. PHIRI in a speech that was delivered on his behalf by Petauke District Administrative Officer VINCENT CHIBUYE during the opening of the Motor Link Driving School, which would train young people in chosen districts across the province with CDF sponsorship.

Additionally, according to Motor Link Managing Director ESTHER KUNDA, the program will help young people develop into responsible adults by giving them something to do.

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