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Youths Are Encouraged To Grab Opportunities For Empowerment

The country’s youth unemployment rate has been reduced, according to ELVIS NKANDU, minister of youth, sports, and the arts.

Mr. Nkandu has advised young people to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Ministry of Youth and Sports so they may help alter the economy.

He claims that in order to help needy families further their education and develop the skills they need to improve their lives, the Ministry also awards bursaries to them.

Speaking at the National Youth Indaba in Lusaka, Mr. NKANDU.

He added that the National Youth Policy will shortly be launched by the government as validation of the consultations has been completed.

Meanwhile, Mr. NKANDU revealed that instead of the 2000 applications that were anticipated, the ministry got over 36,000 as part of the internship program.

But, he added that after the applications were examined, it was discovered that several applicants submitted multiple applications to various districts.

Moreover, GARY NKOMBO, Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, advised young people to benefit from the Constituency Development Fund’s (CDF) components on grants, loans, and skill-training opportunities to improve their well-being.

The youth, according to Mr. Nkombo, are the main beneficiaries of the many components, but he urged a shift in mentality if the strategy was to impact their lives.

Nonetheless, the government is determined to invest in human capital by offering free education, according to Education Minister Douglas Syakalima.

According to Mr. SYAKALIMA, the rise in the number of students attending class demonstrates the positive effects that the free education program has had on the industry.

Moreover, ALICE SAILI, the UNESCO Coordinator in Zambia, stated that the UN system continues to assist the government in addressing youth unemployment.

Nine organizations, according to Ms. SAILI, have teamed up to help the government fulfill the dreams of the nation’s youth.

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