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Zambia And Tanzania Will Think About China’s Interest In Tazara

According to the Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority’s Council of Ministers, Zambia and Tanzania need to quickly agree on a position regarding China’s desire to engage in TAZARA’s revitalization.

MAKEME MBARAWA, the co-chair of the TAZARA Council of Ministers, has suggested that the two nations meet and formulate a position before the end of March 2023.

The two nations need to move quickly and find answers, according to Professor MBARAWA, who is also Tanzania’s Minister of Works and Transport, because TAZARA is stumbling.

This was addressed by Professor MBARAWA today in Lusaka at the TAZARA Council of Ministers.

The two countries’ economies can both benefit from TAZARA, according to Transport and Logistics Minister FRANK TAYALI, who spoke at the same meeting.

In order to improve stakeholder and customer experience while the two Governments work to turn around its operations, Mr. TAYALI argues TAZARA should do so right away.

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