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Government Should Finance Traditional Ceremonies- SIKUMBA

Government support for national ceremonials will shortly begin, according to tourism minister RODNEY SIKUMBA.

Speaking at the Livingstone Kuomboka Kufuluhela committee fundraising dinner Saturday night, Mr. SIKUMBA said government is also working at supporting the development of arenas at all traditional ceremony grounds nationally.

And Mr. SIKUMBA has advised Zambians to make investments in housing because the current bed space in Mongu, Western Province, is insufficient.

BRE wishes to see upgraded infrastructure at the location of the ceremony, according to Induna INUNDE of the Barotse Royal Establishment.

Also, Colonel COLLINS MWANAMWILYE, Chair of the Livingstone Kuomboka Kufuluhela Committee, requested the government to take into account registering traditional groups so they can gain access to funding like CDF.

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