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Zambia elected Executive Board Member TO Word Food Program

In elections held at the UN headquarters in New York, ZAMBIA was chosen to join the World Food Programme (WFP) Executive Board.

The WFP, one of the Rome-based agencies, is the primary UN humanitarian organization whose mission is to change lives by working with communities to improve nutrition and develop resilience while also saving lives by providing food aid in times of need.

According to a statement from Zambia’s Permanent Mission to the UN, six members were chosen at the management meeting for a three-year term commencing on January 1, 2024, and ending on December 31, 2026, with Zambia being endorsed in its category.

“As a member of the Executive Board, Zambia will support WFP by promoting collective solutions to advancing sustainable development and combating world hunger, which is critical to Africa’s agenda of reducing poverty and alleviating the plight of the most vulnerable people,” read the statement.

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