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Jito Kayumba: Zambia heading towards Road for economic growth & transformation

Jito Kayumba, Special Assistant to the President for Finance and Investment, claims that Zambia’s interactions with other nations will be advantageous for the nation.

According to Mr. Kayumba, Zambians should be happy as they are on the path to economic reform and progress.

Benefits of Kamala Harris’ visit from the United States of America (USA) are expected to materialize, he claimed.

Last night, Mr. Kayumba claimed that President Hichilema’s overseas engagements are resulting in economic prosperity during a radio interview on Hot FM.

“We have pillars that we are trying to create to ensure that the country grows. For example the visit by Vice President Ms Harris was necessitated by the visit President Hichilema made in which he extended his invitation. And now that invitation which was actualised has seen to boosting of tourism and also signing of MoU’s which include one of helping boost the Agriculture sector,” he said.


Some of the benefits, according to Mr. Kayumba, will be realized right away, while others won’t be felt for a while.

He mentioned that President Hichilema has made it plain that Zambia will not only not be linked with one nation, but will also keep its doors open to the east, west, south, and north as long as it touches on promoting economic development and transformation.

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