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Zambia is advancing in promoting human rights, says Milambo

Zambia is advancing in the promotion of human rights, according to CHOLA MILAMBO, the Permanent Representative of Zambia to the UN.

The death penalty was abolished by President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA, and the president was also the victim of criminal defamation.

According to Dr. MILAMBO, the nation is moving in the right direction with the abolishment of the death penalty and regulations like the ban on defaming the president.

He has claimed that abolishing the death penalty advances the advancement of human rights and degrades human dignity.

He claims that over the 16 months of his administration, President HICHILEMA has taken audacious efforts to lay the foundation for transformative transformation.

Dr. MILAMBO has said that advancing rights is a fundamental component of Zambia’s robust program of economic and governmental reforms.

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