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Zambia Positioned by Government As top investment destination

A Capital Markets Master Plan created by the Ministry of Finance will assist in rebranding Zambia as a top investment location.

The Plan, which was unveiled today in Lusaka, establishes a framework for the growth of Zambia’s capital markets over the course of the following ten years.

At the introduction of the program, President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA stated that generating cash for small and medium-sized businesses and creating jobs for young people both depend heavily on the capital markets.

The Capital Markets Master Plan, according to the President, is one of the strategies the government plans to employ to draw in both domestic and foreign investors.

In a speech delivered on his behalf by Finance Minister SITUMBEKO MUSOKOTWANE, President HICHILEMA made this statement.

The Master Plan will help Zambia’s capital market get even more respect abroad, according to Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman RUTH MUGALA.

PANGAEA Securities Trading Manager TIDALE CHISUNKA appealed for coordinated efforts in the Plan’s implementation while proposing a vote of thanks.

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