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Zambia Resolved to fight poverty, Government declares

Doreen Mwamba, the minister of community development, claims that Zambia is persistent in its attempts to combat poverty and social isolation of the weak.

She adds that the government is still committed to carrying out the 10% quota for people with disabilities.

Ms. Mwamba stated that Zambia is committed to establishing social protection programs that provide coverage for the weak, women, and children during her address to the United Nations (UN) during the 61st session of the Commission for Social Development in New York.

“In order to create  productive employment and decent work for all, the Zambian Government is implementing Comprehensive Social Security Reforms aimed at addressing the plight of workers both in the formal and informal sectors. Government also remains committed to implementing efforts aimed at reducing poverty and social exclusion of the vulnerable. Further, Government remains committed to implementing the 10 percent quota for persons with disabilities in all types of employment as provided under the Persons with Disability Act of 2012,” she said.

The Minister also informed the UN that Zambia enacted the Children’s Code Act No. 12 of 2022 with the aim of safeguarding children’s rights and enhancing child protection.

“The Act will contribute strengthening the role of the family in addressing harmful practices such as child marriage, child labour, child abandonment, which has contributed to high levels of vulnerable children in childcare facilities across the country.

She further stated that in order to provide young people with jobs, the nation has prioritized youth development and empowerment through programs like improved skill training and the distribution of empowerment grants.

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