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Zambia Set On Path To Development, Says Usaid’s Director

According to the interests of the international community, the country is on the path to greater growth, according to USAID Zambia Mission Director PETER WIEBLER.

The number of new alliances with the worldwide community and the visits by a few senior US government officials in recent weeks, according to Mr. WIEBLER, witness to this.

He claims that the economic reforms the government has implemented have impressed the Americans.

According to Mr. WIEBLER, the collaboration between USAID and the Zambian government is founded on respect and shared interests.

Today, he and the provincial permanent secretary, BERNARD MPUNDU, presented three Land Cruiser cars and three speed boats to the local health office when he was giving a speech in Kasama, in the northern province.

And according to Mr. MPUNDU, the vehicles can travel to the province’s most remote, inaccessible places.

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