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Zambian Breweries Issues a Warning to Scammers

Zambian Breweries has demanded a crackdown on dishonest sellers who are influencing the market’s supply and prices of clear beers.

Since then, MICHELLE KILPIN, Country Director for Zambian Breweries, has urged the public to report any instances of supply or price manipulation to the Zambia Competition & Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC), which has the authority to look into them.

The Bar & Night Club Owners’ Association of Zambia has expressed worries that a group is manipulating the supply, distribution, and prices of clear beers produced by Zambia Breweries.

According to Ms. KILPIN, her organization supports the Association’s calls.

Ms. KILPIN has revealed that Zambian Breweries is planning an 80 million dollar investment in new machinery and a factory that will, starting in 2024, increase production capacity at its Lusaka plant.

She says that by doing this, the gap between supply and demand will be reduced.

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