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“ZAMMSA Doesn’t Have A Team For Procuring”

In order to remove restrictions on the purchase of medical supplies and other equipment, the Ministry of Health said it is asking parliament to change the ZAMMSA Act, which governs the Zambia Medicines and Medical Supplies Agency.

According to LACKSON KASONKA, permanent secretary for technical services at the Ministry of Health, ZAMMSA is required to buy all medical supplies but does not currently have a team in place to carry out the Act’s procurement procedures.

Dr. KASONKA revealed that because the agency lacks a team to handle procurement procedures, around 140 million Kwacha intended for the purchase of equipment and linen are sitting dormant.

He was giving a speech at the Kitwe Teaching Hospital when he ran into staff members who were curious about the status of the hospital’s CT SCAN, which has been inoperable for three years.

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