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ZESCO grants illegal connections 30-day pardon

All people who have unauthorized connections have been offered a 30-day grace period by ZESCO to report them to the power company or risk punishment.

According to CARISTO CHITAMFYA, Senior Manager of Corporate Affairs of ZESCO, the amnesty will last from April 1 through April 30, 2023.

According to Mr. CHITAMFYA, ZESCO has noticed an upsurge in shady connections involving new links and is growing increasingly concerned.

He claims that 16 persons have been arrested recently and are currently awaiting prosecution.

Mr. CHITAMFYA said ZESCO security will keep looking for further suspects believed to be connected to the vice in a statement to ZNBC News.

He claims that beginning on MAY 1st, 2023, ZESCO will begin conducting door-to-door inspections to identify those with questionable ties.

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