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ZIALE Is Urged By Haimbe To Modernize

The Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE) has been encouraged by Justice Minister MULAMBO HAIMBE to evaluate and adapt its curriculum to reflect contemporary legal practice.

Additionally, Mr. HAIMBE has urged ZIALE to address issues with its online lectures.

He claims that the Institute needs to improve the quality of its service delivery by developing a real-time, dependable information system appropriate for online instruction.

When he introduced the ZIALE Service Delivery Charter in Lusaka, the Justice Minister made this statement.

Speaking at the same ceremony, Solicitor General Marshal Muchende said that the document is crucial because it ensures improved stakeholder engagement at the Institute and transparent and timely service delivery.

The Service Charter, according to ZIALE Director ANN ONONUJU, aims to increase clients’ understanding of the services the Institute offers.

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