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ZICTA Prolongates Sim Registration Through February 2023

The three mobile service providers’ SIM registration has been extended by the Zambia Information & Communication Authority (ZICTA) until February 2023.

The exercise will now end at the end of February rather than on Saturday as originally planned.

The ZICTA will continue to monitor the procedure, according to EDGAR MLAUZI, acting director of consumer protection and information management.

According to Mr. MLAUZI, the registration period was extended to enable more users to register their Sim cards.

He told ZNBC News that because there have been instances of fraud, subscribers must register their complete information. As a result, the authorities required those who registered using their National Registration Cards to submit facial features.

All mobile service providers have been requested by Mr. MLAUZI to offer a digital platform so that all customers can register their SIM cards.

To beat the earlier deadline of December 31st, a large number of Lusaka residents lined up outside service centers for some mobile providers.

Those interviewed expressed concern due to the fact that their sim cards contain bank information and mobile money accounts.

Others, like BEATRICE PHIRI, complained that the registration process was cumbersome, and BEN MUSONDA claimed he had attempted to register three times without success.

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