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ZNS Will Found A Security Firm

The defense wing’s economic ventures will be more diverse thanks to the seven firms that the Zambia National Service aims to establish.

Plans to launch the businesses are well under way, according to ZNS Commander MALITI SOLOCHI, and all of them would be run by civilians to help the youths by creating jobs.

The organizations, according to Lieutenant General SOLOCHI, will offer security and event management services among other things.

General SOLOCHI stated that the projects’ implementation will start next year and that it is an endeavor to improve the National Service’s operations in the provision of services and the creation of jobs. He was speaking at the ZNS Annual Ball in Lusaka last night.

AMBROSE LUFUMA, the minister of defense, has asked the Zambia National Service (ZNS) to engage in projects that advance the country.

According to Mr. LUFUMA, such endeavors will result in the creation of jobs, which is consistent with the government’s development plan.

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