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Mango Commercialisation In Mali And Zambia

The government of Mali has urged greater cooperation amongst African nations to improve food security throughout the continent.

The Minister of Rural Development of Mali, MODIBO KEITA, has urged African nations to cooperate in order to develop their agricultural sectors and reduce poverty throughout the continent.

According to Mr. KEITA, Africa is endowed with a wealth of natural resources that, when used effectively, can boost agricultural productivity and ensure that all residents have access to food.

The Zambian government has been praised by the Minister for fostering closer ties between the two nations in the growth of agriculture and for making the project to commercialize mangoes possible.

When the Zambian team, led by the HODI Seed and Grain company, made him a courtesy visit at his office in Bamako today, Mr. KEITA remarked this.

The proposal to commercialize mangos, according to HODI Seed and Grain Chief Executive Officer STEPHAN CHANSA, will lessen the amount of mango fruit wasted in both countries.

Mangoes and bananas have already found a market in China, according to Mr. CHANSA, who also claimed that the collaboration will help to maintain the supply of the two commodities.

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