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Why Zoe Mthiyane (Zitha) really left Generations

Well-known Mzansi actress Zoe Mthiyane has undoubtedly been off the hook on small screens since her dramatic exit from Generations: The Legacy, leaving many guessing her whereabouts.

She was undoubtedly the darling of small screens, and she wowed many with her unmatched acting flair. In the backdrop of her newfound fame, she saw herself making headlines for the wrong reasons in the backdrop of her exit on Generations: The Legacy.

Seasoned actress Zoe Mthiyane opened up about her woes and dramatic exit from Generations: The Legacy on Unfollowed.

Zoe Mthiyane

The bubbly actress opened up about her private life, which she has kept under wraps for years, from toxic relationships and marriage to character assassination.

Mzansi was more than interested in her dramatic exit from Generations: The Legacy.

The actress has it that her exit came in the backdrop of a love triangle between co-star Rapulana Seiphemo (Tau Mogale) and another woman in their circle.

Zoe made it known that some people wanted her out, which allegedly led to her exit from the drama series.

The seasoned actress said: “That rumour came from the very person who then fell pregnant with my fun person and her people in production. I knew I was being sabotaged. I knew they were trying to get me gone.”

Zoe Mthiyane
However, Sunday World once reported that the bubbly actress was written off from the drama series after she collapsed on set. Unconfirmed reports have it that she was reporting late for duty and was always drunk. However, the actress rubbished the rumours in her recent interview.

Sources to Sunday World claimed that the actress could not focus on her work due to depression and bullying by her co-actor’s girlfriend.

However, in her recent interview, the actress did not openly admit to being fired but praised Mfundi Vundla for sending her to therapy. She also acknowledged the rest of the cast and crew for helping her in the darkest hours of her life.


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