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ZRA rejects a bogus social media job posting

The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA), according to rumors circulating on social media, has not posted any job advertisements.

Oliver Nzala, the manager of corporate communications for the ZRA, stated that the social media allegations are false and urged the public to avoid being fooled by dishonest individuals who fabricate and falsify ZRA documents in order to deceive unwary individuals.

According to Mr. Nzala, the authority is concerned about the phony job postings since some members of the public who are in severe need of employment end up being duped.

He asked the populace to be on the lookout for the scam and advised reporting the dishonest individuals to any ZRA office or the nearby police station.

Additionally, Mr. Nzala denied rumors that the authority had established a trust fund.

“The ZRA would like to warn and urge members of the public to strongly ignore and treat social media posts circulating, purporting that there is a Zambia Revenue Support Trust Fund Program and that the Authority has advertised for jobs, as fake. We have noted with great concern fake recruitment adverts circulating on social media purporting to have been issued by the ZRA. This is a big concern for the Authority because some members of the public who are desperate for employment get swindled,”he said.

He claimed that the openness, professionalism, and integrity of ZRA’s hiring practices serve as its cornerstones.

According to Mr. Nzala, ZRA posts employment openings on their website and in print publications.

He claimed that in the past, the authority had been informed of situations involving persons who had been defrauded of their hard-earned money by shady individuals posing as ZRA recruitment agents.

The general public is invited to attend interviews or assessment exams, conduct police clearance, undergo medical examinations, and report for job, he said, explaining that scammers send bogus communications encouraging them to do so.

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