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22 trucks loaded with maize impounded by ISOKA police

Authorities in the Muchinga province’s Isoka detained 22 vehicles that they discovered loaded with white maize and thought were headed for Tanzania.

According to KAUNDA MUBANGA, the commanding officer of the Muchinga Provincial Police, the trucks lack the necessary paperwork for the export of corn.

According to Mr. Mubanga, the trucks were stopped yesterday at around 13 hours at Mwaiseni Junction and Isoka Dry Port as a result of a tip from the general public.

Six of the trucks were found to be registered in Tanzania, he continued, and the remaining ones were registered in Zambia.

In a statement provided to ZNBC news, Mr. MUBANGA stated that the exact amount of maize bags on the 22 trucks has not yet been determined.

Since then, the trucks have been transported to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) storage in the isoka district.

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