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Six Zimbabwean Inmates Break Out from SA Detention

On Monday morning, six alleged armed robbers from Zimbabwe managed to flee from detention while in transit after a shootout broke out between them and South African police.

The six detainees were released during the gunfire, according to a statement from South African police, who claimed they have started a manhunt for the “heavily armed” perpetrators.

About 120 kilometers south of Beitbridge, a border town close to Zimbabwe, the audacious attempt was carried out.

Citizens are encouraged under no circumstances to approach the suspects because they are thought to be dangerous; instead, they should phone the police, according to South African police.

The majority of South Africa’s migrants come from Zimbabwe, whose residents continue to flee their country’s political and economic problems.

The South African government has been harshly prosecuting foreign nationals implicated in violent crimes, particularly Zimbabweans.

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