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99 people have died as a result of Tropical Storm Malawi

On Monday, the authorities reported that 99 people had died as a result of Tropical Storm Freddy in Malawi, with 85 of the fatalities occurring in the city of Blantyre alone.

The nation is battling to contain the storm’s consequences, which have wrecked havoc in 10 of the country’s southern region districts in particular.

Houses have been demolished, roads and bridges have been washed away, crop fields have been flattened, and power generation has been hampered by heavy rains and strong winds.

The primary referral hospital in Blantyre claims that the volume of bodies it is getting is overwhelming.

As the hospital is running out of room, it has been requested that grieving families and those whose loved ones are missing visit the hospital to identify and collect the bodies for burial.

Most areas have experienced protracted outages due to the storm’s crippling effect on power generation capabilities.

The national power generating business claims that because of a buildup of debris brought on by flooding, it is unable to restore power while its hydro-power plant is shut down.

As the storm is predicted to start moving away from Malawi and back toward the Indian Ocean on Wednesday, weather experts predict that heavy rains and flooding will continue on Tuesday.

In the worst-hit districts, the Malawian government has declared a national calamity. The tens of thousands of individuals who are still without food and shelter were pleaded for both locally and globally.

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