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248 People Arrested for Speculative Immigration Status

In a coordinated effort to remove illegal immigrants from Lusaka, law enforcement authorities have detained 248 persons.

61 people claiming Zambian citizenship, 44 Tanzanians, 43 Burundians, 33 Congolese, 26 Zimbabweans, and 24 Rwandans were among those detained.

Six Malawians, five Chinese, two Lebanese, two Egyptians, one Indian, and one Somalian were among the other participants.

According to NAMATI NSHINKA, a spokesperson for the Immigration Department, the operation that was performed yesterday included the COMESA Market, Mtendere East, Meanwood, Chamba Valley, Chelston, and Obama regions.

According to him, 40 persons, including 29 Zambians, were freed without conditions following screening at the EDWIN IMBOELA Stadium.

The 40 were released after providing documentation of their lawful immigration status, according to Mr. NSHINKA, while the 208 were held for more formalities and potential prosecution.

He claims that two Zambians were selected for the operation because they had marijuana on them.

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