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25-year-old Mufulira man sentenced to 10 years for drug trafficking

A 25-year-old Mufulira resident who was found guilty of trafficking 35 grams of marijuana was given a 10-year prison term plus hard labor.

Because Bweli Simutowe committed the same offense twice, a 10-year sentence was imposed on him.

In a previous conviction, he received a six-month sentence with a 12-month suspension.

However, Simutowe returned for a second offense of trafficking psychotropic chemicals in violation of Zambian law and pleaded guilty.

Judge Daniel Musonda stated that he took note of the fact that the defendant was a repeat offender when the case was brought before him.

Simutowe stated that he was a married father of three children in his request for the court’s leniency as a mitigating factor.

Judge Musonda mentioned Simutowe’s repentance and mitigation in his punishment.

“I will sentence you to 10 years imprisonment with hard labour as a mandatory sentence for a second offender,” he said.

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