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3 kids killed in Lundazi after being struck by truck and trailer

A Volvo tractor and trailer that lost control owing to excessive speed struck and killed THREE Lundazi youngsters.

The two dead youngsters, ages nine and ten, were reportedly wandering down the side of the road when the driver lost control and struck them. It is thought that they were pedestrians.

According to Danny Mwale, deputy spokesperson for the Zambian police, the accident occurred today at around 10:00 a.m. along the Lundazi and Chama gravel route on the Great North road in Lundazi town.

Thomas Chanda, 25, of Lusaka, was driving the Volvo truck with the license plate Mark BAR 6778 and the trailer with the number ALV6069, according to him.

“The driver was driving five passengers, and they all made it out safely. However, pedestrians Kaunda Madela, age nine, who suffered internal injuries, Lusungu Mwale, age nine, who suffered a deep cut on the left side of his body and head injuries, and Clement Phiri, age 10, who suffered a cut on the forehead and a fractured left shoulder, all died at the scene, according to the official.

According to Mr. Mwale, the driver lost control due to driving too fast and struck the pedestrians who were crossing in front of him on the left lane.

The driver has been taken into custody, and the children’s bodies are in the mortuary awaiting postmortem, he continued.

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