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54-year-old from Mafinga district found dead in Bembe river

A 54-year-old father from the Mafinga district was found dead in the Bembe River after leaving his house to get medicine for his ill child.

Mubanga Kaunda, the commanding officer of Muchinga Province, verified that Marvin Mutambo was discovered floating face down in the river.

Mr. Kaunda claimed that Mr. Mutambo left his house on December 21, 2022, about nine o’clock, and did not come back.

According to him, the incident happened between December 21, 2022, at 19:00, and December 22, 2022, at about 10:30.

Apparently inebriated, Mr. Kaunda was seen strolling toward the flooding Bemba river in the evening, and a search was immediately launched after a family member verified seeing him there.

“The body of the deceased was found floating on the river facing downwards when the body was inspected a cut on the left side of the forehead was observed which is suspected to have been occasioned as a result of the movement of the body through the rocks following the heavy current of water in the river. Both police and relatives do not suspect foul play, hence relatives have been advised to go ahead with burial,”he said.

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