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63-year-old man detained on suspicion of defiling six-year-old

When a six-year-old girl from Mwense went to watch her pals play video games at a neighbor’s house, she was violated by a 63-year-old man.

Charles Katebe, who is being held by police, is accused of defiling the girl on an unspecified date in January at around 5:00 PM.

The youngster went to a house in their neighborhood to watch her pals play computer games, according to Gloria Mulele, the Luapula province commanding officer.

According to Ms. Mulele, the girl found Mr. Katebe watching the games when she arrived.

She claimed that soon after they had done playing the video game, the suspect kidnapped the victim and had sex with her while covering her mouth with his hand in the bathroom behind the building.

The victim was also instructed, according to Ms. Mulele, not to disclose what took place.

“The suspect took the victim behind the building in the bathroom and had carnal knowledge of her while covering her mouth thereafter he threatened her not to inform anyone.  However, after a few days, the victim told her father that she was defiled and he reported the matter to the police on Tuesday at 18:00 hours.A medical report form was issued to the victim and she was taken to Mwense district hospital for treatment. The suspect is in custody and will appear in court soon,”she said.

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