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Garden boy IN High Court for allegedly killing employer

A GARDENER has been brought before the Lusaka High Court to defend himself against claims that he killed a couple in the Kasupe neighborhood where he worked at their home.

Two counts of murder are being brought against the suspect, Godfrey Phiri, 34, of Kalundu West.

According to specifics, Bernard Chomba, 60, and his wife Chileshe, 56, were killed by Phiri between November 19 and November 22 of last year.

After the deceased were reported missing by the friend of the deceased woman, the couple’s bodies were discovered about 30 meters from their home.

The house of the couple, who had been missing for three days, was also reported to have a car and other household items missing.

Police initiated investors after receiving information about the missing pair and their properties, which resulted in Phiri’s arrest.

The murdered couple’s missing Toyota Spacio, as well as a television, a refrigerator, two laptops, and three mobile phones, were all found thanks to the suspect.

As he was being captured, the suspect took the police to the individual he had leased the truck from to transport the stolen household items from the scene of the crime.

According to certain media outlets, the accused allegedly killed the couple out of wrath over not receiving his wage.

Magistrate Kaunda Sakwanda presented the charges at the hearing before the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court and sent the defendant to the High Court for trial.

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