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87 intoxicated drivers are arrested by RTSA

THE Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has detained 87 drivers nationwide for drinking and driving on new year’s eve, with the biggest concentrations occurring in Livingstone and Kitwe.

Excessive speeding, expired test certificates, and expired road taxes were among the other offenses with large numbers, according to RTSA Acting Director and CEO Alinani Msisya.

According to Mr. Msisya, a team of officers from Zambia and from both countries have been entrusted with keeping an eye out for traffic infractions like drunk driving, reckless driving, and driving without a license, among others.

The organization made this statement during a joint operation between the RTSA and the Zambian police force, which was conducted as part of the drive sober campaign, which aims to lessen criminal activity on the roads over the holiday season.

“The combined team has been tasked to be mainly on the lookout for road infringements like driving under the influence of alcohol, dangerous driving and unlicensed drivers among others. Other offences with high numbers were expired road tax, excessive speed, and expired test certificate,”he said.

He also urged the general people to abide by all driving laws and rules, warning that anyone caught breaking the Road Traffic Act would face legal repercussions.

In order to decrease traffic accidents, Mr. Msisya would like to remind the public that traffic law enforcement patrols would continue after the holiday season.

As people engage in numerous activities that require them to utilize public roads, he asked all road users to obey all traffic laws and regulations, stating that the agency will continue to be on high alert and pursue all traffic offenders.

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