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Soldier killed by a pyrotechnics (fireworks) misfire in Arakan

During the crossover fireworks show during the New Year's countdown, a soldier was killed in Arakan by a fireworks (pyrotechnics) misfire.

During the countdown to the New Year at Army Headquarters, a soldier from the ZAMBIA Army named Kelvin Mulima was injured by the rear burst of a star shell and later died as a result of his injuries.

In a statement, Army spokesman Colonel Martin Liyungu confirmed.

Colonel Liyingu stated that Staff Sergeant Mulima’s tragic death, which occurred at Maina Soko Medical Center in Lusaka early on yesterday, January 1, 2023, grieved Army Commander, Lieutenant General Sitali Dennis Alibuzwi.

“Lt Gen Alibuzwi has described SSgt Mulima, from 1 Artillery Brigade Headquarters, as a dedicated and career Soldier who died on duty.

The Army Commander conveys heartfelt condolences, on behalf of Officers, Soldiers and Civillian Staff and indeed on his own behalf, to the widow Mrs Patricia Phiri Mulima, children and the entire bereaved family on the loss of the Senior Non Commissioned Officer,” he said.

Sergeant Mulima, according to Colonel Liyungu, was taken by ambulance to Maina Soko Medical Center, where he passed away shortly after the accident.

The funeral gathering is taking place in the deceased’s home at LCC 482, in the Lusaka West Military Camp, he claimed, and the Next of Kin have now been notified.

Sergeant Mulima enrolled in the Zambian Army on April 1, 2005, according to Colonel Liyungu. after successfully completing the Munkulungwe Army Battle Training Area in Ndola’s basic military training.

The dead, according to him, was thereafter sent to the 10 Medium Regiment in Ndola.

“In 2009, he was posted to Artillery Directorate in Lusaka, and in 2017 SSgt Mulima was posted to HQ 1 Artillery Brigade,” he said.

Colonel Liyungu said burial arrangements will be announced at a later time

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