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8,778 exam results are canceled by ECZ

The General Certificate Examination (GCE) and grade nine external examination results for 8,778 students have been declared invalid by the Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ).

The results that were invalidated were from 143,351 candidates who took the 2022 examinations, according to ECZ Director MICHEAL CHILALA.

In an interview, he said that candidates whose results had been overturned had been barred from taking any ECZ tests for the subsequent two years.

According to Dr. CHILALA, the Council also suspended GCE for two years and revoked its designation as 11 centers.

He stated that further evidence is still being obtained while the case for 8 centers is still pending.

Dr. CHILALA claimed that out of the 382 cases that were kept secret, 373 individual cases have been thrown out while the results for 9 candidates have been made public.

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