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A Lusaka magistrate rejects a couple’s request for reconciliation

A Lusaka magistrate rejects a couple's request for reconciliation after the wife's ear was bit off during an altercation with her husband.

LUSAKA A lady who had her husband chop off her ear during an argument asked the magistrate Amy Masoja to drop the assault charge against her.

Because of the severity of the injuries suffered by Albertina Chibwe, who requested that the case be dismissed, Magistrate Masoja was unable to accede to her request.

As the victim attempted to withdraw the case, magistrate Masoja remarked, “From here, it will be murder.

In this instance, Brighton Kabinga is accused of assault causing actual bodily harm on one count.

On November 28, 2022, Kabinga is accused of assaulting Albertina Chibwe and causing actual bodily harm to her.

When the case was heard on Friday, the defendant entered a plea of guilty to the allegation while his wife addressed the court while standing in the audience and saying that she had pardoned her husband.

Ms. Chibwe requested that the case be dropped so that the couple may focus on raising their kids.

“I have forgiven him. He is my husband and we have two children together,” she said.

“The medical report and pictures are showing that you[accused] cut off her ear, that’s why today she has come with that hairstyle.

“Children are not the reason you are here, it is better to raise those children in a healthy family than in such a toxic family,” magistrate Masoja said.

The magistrate is worried that “once this matter is withdrawn, the next thing we will hear is a murder[case]”.

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