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A Parliamentary Committee Requests Epg Training

If the increased Constituency Development Fund – CDF – is to help communities, the Public Procurement Authority must instruct contractors on how to utilize the Electronic Government Procurement System, according to the legislative Committee on Delegated Legislation.

It is evident from interactions with the various local administrations, according to Committee Chairperson REMEMBER MUTALE, that the majority of contractors are unable to use the EGP system.

Mr. Mutale was speaking during a meeting with Kitwe City Council Management where a number of systemic issues were raised.

Beforehand, the committee members asked Kitwe Town Clerk PATRICK KAMBITA to address a number of concerns regarding the execution of CDF-funded projects.

Mr. KAMBITA clarified that although the rule requiring that all procurement procedures be conducted online has increased openness, it is not user-friendly.

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