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Invocation And Policy Are Essential To Agro-growth -HH

In order to advance the development of the agricultural sector and turn Zambia into a regional food basket, President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA claims that innovation and good policies are essential.

President HICHILEMA stated, “The role of Agriculture in economic development has been neglected for many years,” at the opening of the 2023 AGRITECH expo in Chisamba.

He asserted that Zambia will be able to address the sector’s difficulties once the proper policies are put into place.

If all limiting factors are removed, Zambia has the capacity to supply the domestic and export markets, according to President HICHILEMA.

CHIPOKA MULENGA, the minister of commerce, trade, and industry, has meantime urged the organizers to keep collaborating with small farmers so they can learn best agricultural methods.

In order to make the items accessible to farmers, Mr. MULENGA claimed that equipment and machinery suppliers are also necessary.

And JERVIS ZIMBA, the president of the Zambia National Farmers Union, emphasized the need to address obstacles that prevent farmers from increasing their output.

Farmers, according to Mr. ZIMBA, are dedicated to turning Zambia into a regional food hub, but they can only do this if they are given incentives to help the cause.

In order to guarantee that the intended beneficiaries fully participate in the ongoing FISP and other Agricultural reforms, he has also urged the government to interact extensively with farmers.

The Farmers Expo is currently the top agricultural expo in the area, according to board chair ASHOK OZA of the organization.

The show, according to DLG Managing Director WOLF LARS, is introducing farmers to new technology that can boost their output.

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