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Attachment Of 51,500 Civil Servants To Local Authorities

As the government transfers some of its responsibilities to local authorities, it has begun attaching 51,500 civil personnel to those organizations.

This comes after the Cabinet, acting in conformity with the Constitution, approved the Revised National Decentralization Policy.

Eight responsibilities from each of the six devolving sectors will be attached to local governments in 2023, according to chief government spokesperson CHUSHI KASANDA.

Human resources would also be connected from the Central Government to local administrations, according to Ms. KASANDA, who is also the Minister of Information and the Media.

According to her, the Ministries of Tourism, Youth, Sport, and Arts, Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, and Ministry of Transport and Logistics are responsible for the functions.

According to Ms. KASANDA, the transfer of these responsibilities aims to improve service delivery to the public and citizen engagement in local governance and developmental concerns.

In a statement sent to ZNBC News, she said that the government has since established procedures for the easy flow of related human resources, operational assets, and funding, with clearly outlined work relationships and a dual administration structure including the Civic and Civil Administration.

According to Ms. KASANDA, of the 51,500, 50,549 are employed by the Ministry of Health, 756 by the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, 99 by the Ministry of Transport and Logistics, 101 by the Ministry of Tourism, and seven by the Ministry of Youth, Sport, and the Arts.

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