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A Road Map For Constitutional Reforms Is Requested By Laz

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has urged the government to create a clear road map for the constitutional reform process as soon as possible.

The group is interested in any constitutional change that strengthens Zambia’s institutions and democracy, according to LAZ President LUNGISANI ZULU.

During the completion of the Consultative Constitutional Review project, Mr. ZULU was giving a speech in Lusaka.

The LAZ President stated that the association will share its results with the government to forward the agenda for constitutional reform for the benefit of the populace once it had compiled its report from the consultative process.

According to him, the Association decided to start a consultative project of the Zambian constitution in May 2022 with the intention of gathering opinions and submissions on a number of clauses.

A number of areas where the current constitution needed strengthening were examined as part of the consultative project, according to LAZ Consultant LANDILANI BANDA, and these areas were based on recommendations from earlier constitutional review procedures that were not enacted.

In the meantime, the Association received plaudits from former LAZ President ABYUDI SHONGA for continuing the constitutional reform process.

Lawyers should take the lead in advising the government on legal issues, according to Mr. SHONGA.

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