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Changes To The CDF Act

On the revision of the Constituency Development Fund-CDF-ACT number 11 of 2018, the government has finished its consultations with stakeholders in nine provinces.

The consultations that began in Luapula Province on February 13th, 2023, according to Local Government Permanent Secretary for Administration, MAAMBO HAAMAUNDU, will come to a finish with Lusaka Province tomorrow.

This was expressed by the Local Government Permanent Secretary in Lusaka as he welcomed stakeholders to a two-day consultation on the Constituency Development Fund-CDF-ACT of 2018 review.

The CDF Draft Bill of 2023, which will be introduced in the National Assembly during the first quarter of this year, will be assembled, according to Mr. HAAMAUNDU, from all contributions.

He adds stakeholder engagements are crucial because they give a platform for a broad and evidence based outlook on topics that influence CDF implementation.

According to Mr. HAAMAUNDU, the main objective of the proposed CDF ACT modification is to simplify administrative procedures that in the past have interfered with the successful execution of projects and programs.

He continues by saying that the government is dedicated to supporting a decentralized system of governance that gives local residents more influence.

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