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Controlled substance Bill, with five other bills, receives Cabinet approval for publishing and introduction

The controlled substance Bill 2023 and five other legislation that were also passed at the third meeting have received CABINET’s approval for publishing and introduction.

Six Bills and four other policy choices were accepted by the cabinet for publishing and introduction in the legislature.

It was noted that the current law on controlled substances is insufficient for giving licenses to engage in controlled substance manufacture, import, and export.

regulating the use, prescription, manufacture, wholesale, transfer, supply, sell, distribution, and possession of a controlled substance for medical, scientific, and research purposes, as well as granting the Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority the necessary power to regulate a controlled substance.

According to Chief Government Spokesman Chushi Kasanda, it has been determined that in order to address these problems and adequately regulate restricted substances, the Dangerous Drugs Act, 1967, must be repealed and replaced.

According to Ms. Kasanda, the National Pension Plan Bill modification was also approved by cabinet.

According to her, the Bill’s main goal is to change the National Pension Plan Act of 1996 in order to give members access to a pre-retirement benefit.

“This is a policy decision which has received a lot of public support since the pronouncement was made by the New Dawn Administration regarding the partial withdrawal of pension benefits by members of the National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA),”she said.

Ms Kasanda said the current legislation does not provide for access to contributions by members before retirement.

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