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Ex-convicts behind Robberies in Kitwe and Chingola shot dead

Two ex-convicts who were responsible for a string of violent robberies in Kitwe and Chingola were shot dead as they fled the site where they had led the police to an AK-47 gun.

The police were brought to a thicket yesterday by the crooks to collect an AK-47 that was hidden there, but as the retrieval was being made, the pair made the decision to flee from the police.

Despite several warning shots, the suspects kept fleeing until they were shot dead and two more managed to flee.

The AK-47 that was found, according to Copperbelt Provincial Commanding Officer Peacewell Mweemba, carried six rounds of ammo.

The two culprits were Enerst Mashane, also known as “Chaile,” and Fidelis Mwansa, also known as Shi Castrol, according to Mr. Mweemba.

“The notorious criminals were spotted by members of the public in Racecourse township. Upon realizing that they were identified, the criminals ran away. The public gave a long chase and apprehended the duo after jumping over three wall fences and alerted the police who later went and picked them. The two criminals, together with other two friends at large (names withheld), admitted being behind the series of aggravated robberies. In the process of trying to maim them, they were caught by fatal bullets.”he said.

According to Mr. Mweemba, the suspects led the police to their home in the Kamatipa property, where they found a revolver with its serial number wiped and no rounds inside.

The other two known perpetrators are still at large, according to him, and police have started a manhunt for them.

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