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Acc Follows after Education Institutions

The Anti-Corruption Commission is working to include anti-corruption material in all learning institution curricula across the nation.

The ACC’s director general, THOM TREVOR SHAMAKAMBA, claims that the commission would also educate all universities’ lecturers and tutors about corruption.

This, according to Mr. SHAMAKAMBA, will help the fight against corruption.

According to him, all institutions and stakeholders should get involved in the battle against corruption instead of only the government.

At the training of trainers workshop in the Chilanga district, the ACC Director-General made this statement.

UNZA, the University of Zambia Education is a crucial weapon in the fight against corruption, according to Liberty Mweemba, dean of the school of education.

He claims that if the anti-corruption curricula are completely implemented, it will aid in the battle against the vice.

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