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Actor “entered half way” in indecent assault case, according to court testimony

Actor Leo Simukoko, who is charged with indecently assaulting a lady, allegedly admitted to legendary director Owas Mwape that he had kissed and engaged in foreplay with the accuser.

Mr. Simukoko, who is well-known for the Mushala movie, reportedly allegedly revealed to Mr. Mwape that he prepared the woman and then put on a condom.

Mr. Mwapa narrated, “He (Leo) added, “I entered half way and then she said no.

At this point, the accused was instructed to get in touch with the victim and beg for forgiveness, according to Mr. Mwape, “if that is what happened.”

Simukoko, 33, is accused of assaulting a lab technician indecently after she picked him up from the Lusaka Play House in this instance.

According to reports, the incident occurred on March 27th, 2017, about 21:00.

Simukoko asked the 36-year-old named complainant for a ride, according to testimony given in court during the trial.

The victim requested to use the restroom after arriving at Simukoko’s home, which was later revealed to be a film production facility. When she returned from the restroom, where she had gone to change a tampon, Simukoko allegedly kissed her and pushed her onto the mattress, where he then lied on top of her.

Mr. Mwape was brought to the stand as the trial came to a close.

He said that he was supposed to meet the victim, who is his business partner in the arts industry, the day after World Theatre Day was observed.

“I passed through Lusaka Play House around 14:00 to around 18:00hours and found the complainant who was having a small meeting with a group of young artists,” Mr Mwape said.

He recommended that the two meet virtually later that evening because he was rushing home and couldn’t meet in person.

Yet the victim’s phones remained unanswered when Mr. Mwape called her at around 21:00 hours to set up the virtual rendezvous.

Later, at around 22:00, the woman called back, but she sounded emotional.

“I asked what her problem was since she was not answering calls. She told me that she had just been sexually assaulted,” he said.

Then, the woman told Mr. Mwape that Simukoko allegedly assaulted him and that she had described what happened.

The following day, Mr. Mwape called Simukoko and inquired as to what had occurred the day before.

“He explained to me that after they had gotten to the house because he had taken whisky the previous day, they had agreed that they should be together, and so, they started kissing.

“He said after kissing, he began to prepare her and he started licking her. He rushed to the bathroom to get a condom and came back and went on top of her.

“He said ‘I entered half way and then she said no”.

Mr Mwape said he told Simukoko that his actions sounded like rape before advising him to ask the victim for forgiveness.

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