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Advice To Education Stakeholders: Be Vigilant

Permanent Secretary JOEL KAMOKO of the Ministry of Education has encouraged all parties to exercise caution and offer checks and balances to make sure the Ministry makes transparent use of its budgetary allotment.

According to Mr. KAMOKO, stakeholders need to be vigilant and make sure that the budgetary allocation is used effectively to accomplish the desired goals.

He was addressing when the Education International Africa Regional Office’s workshop on tax alliances in Lusaka was opened today.

Mr. KAMOKO added that in order to ensure high-quality education for all students, teacher unions should be able to assist the government by promoting increased and better budgetary allocation to the educational sector.

The Workshop, according to Teaching Service Commission Chairwoman DAPHNE CHIMUKA, would increase stakeholder participation in order to examine obstacles that prevent the realization of high-quality education.

According to Ms. CHIMUKA, teachers are expected to be change agents in the pursuit of the ideal that every child would receive an excellent education.

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