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Economist Welcomes Zesco Connection Fees That Were Revised

The revised ZESCO connection prices, according to economist CHABUKA KAWESHA of Lusaka, will address the nation’s electrical crisis.

According to Mr. Kawesha, the adjustments will give ZESCO adequate money to operate the generation and distribution of power.

To encourage competition and efficiency, he has recommended the government to include more firms in the energy sector.

The comments from Mr. KAWESHA follow the Energy Regulation Board’s -ERB- reduction of ZESCO’s proposed connection fees.

ERB Board Chair REYNOLDS BOWA announced yesterday that the board had voted to adopt modified connection fees that would go into effect on January 1st, 2023.

The ZESCO proposal to raise the new connection costs in low density regions from 2,873 kwacha to 13,248 kwacha has been changed to 4,846 kwacha.

In low density areas, the three phase underground connection fees that ZESCO had originally proposed at 34,000 Kwacha from 5,00 Kwacha have been lowered and approved at 11,120 Kwacha.

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