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All Restrictive Laws Must Be Modified – HH

According to government officials, including President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA, all unjust laws will be changed or eliminated.

Speaking at the official opening of the 2022 Judiciary Conference in Livingstone, HH mentioned various oppressive laws, including the Public Order Act, the criminal defamation of the President, and the death penalty.

He declared that the new daybreak administration is dedicated to making sure that the country has improved access to justice and judicial independence.

The Head of State declared that the Cabinet supports the judiciary’s efforts to fill in all of the constitutional gaps.

The conference is intended to refresh and re-energise the passion of the judiciary in the execution of its mission for the good of the people of Zambia, according to Chief Justice MUMBA MALILA, who spoke at the same occasion.

Dr. MALILA asked the judges to uphold clarity in their rulings in order to uphold their responsibility.

In the meantime, Dr. MALILA claimed that the judiciary is struggling with the issue of having insufficient and outdated courtrooms and office space.

And JOY MUSONDA, the country director for Save the Children International, stated that the group is dedicated to collaborating with the legal system to guarantee that children’s rights are maintained in the administration of justice.

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