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Nigerian Family Begs First Lady To Forgive Son

The family of a Nigerian university student who has allegedly been detained and kept without charge by security forces located at the presidency has pleaded with First Lady Aisha Buhari to pardon their son.

Adamu Aminu Mohammed’s parents stated that they think their son was detained as a result of remarks he reportedly made against Mrs. Buhari’s appearance in June.

Reportedly, the student remarked on a photo of the president’s wife and accused her of overeating on taxpayer money.

Amnesty International’s Nigerian chapter has demanded the 23-year-immediate old’s and unconditional release because it believes he was wrongfully jailed.

The reports of his incarceration have received no response from the president’s administration or the first lady.

It took many days before Mr. Mohammed’s parents heard of his missing, according to them.

My father claimed to have gotten a brief phone conversation from my son, who claimed to be in Abuja after being apprehended by the security services for something he had said regarding Mrs. Buhari.

Shehu Baba Azare, the student’s uncle, told the BBC that the family was hoping for his quick release.

“First lady, please forgive him and let him go being as you are a mother,” he pleaded in a direct address to Mrs. Buhari.

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