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Allan promises to utilize his platform to promote education

What initially began as a joke about having a degree is slowly evolving into an advocacy campaign for improving education led by Allan, the degree holder.

Allan Simuchimba, who was born on the last day of the first month of 1994, had many obstacles in his academic career like most people do, but he eventually conquered them and now encourages others to achieve the same through his comic.

Allan made an effort to work well in school, motivated by the numerous challenges his family faced after his father passed away and his mother was left to care for the family alone.

“I was raised by my mother because dad passed away when I was very young and so it was not easy for my mother as a single parent to raise us,” Allan said.

“She (Allan’s mother) would struggle to make ends meet especially that she was not in any gainful employment.”

Allan completed his basic schooling at Mikwa Private School before moving on to grade 8 at Kabundi High School in Chingola on the Copperbelt after passing his grade seven exams.

Allan successfully completed high school in 2011 and then enrolled in a degree program.

Allan is the second child of a family of three, which also includes his two sisters, both female. My birth order is second. reveals that he has always been passionate about advocating for education because he understood its importance.

“It is because of what I have seen education do to an individual and society and large that I embarked on promoting the need for a person to get a degree!”

“This is the one reason why I came up with the idea of “Allan The Degree Holder.”I will use my page to advocate for as many people as possible to acquire degrees.”

Allan disclosed that poverty and disease will consequently be drastically reduced in Zambia through education.

” As people aquire degrees they will be improving themselves as individuals and in the process develop the society at large,” said Allan.

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