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Anakantapa Establishes A Police Post

Government officials are still committed to making sure that citizens uphold the law and refrain from criminal activity at all levels, according to Home Affairs Minister JACK MWIIMBU.

According to Mr. MWIIMBU, the government is making every effort to maintain national security so that growth can flourish.

At the Kanakantapa Police Post’s commissioning, he was speaking in a speech that Chongwe Member of Parliament SYLVIA MASEBO had read for him.

According to Mr. MWIIMBU, the expansion of the population in the Kanakantapa Resettlement area has made it necessary to build a police post in order to protect people and property.

However, Mr. MWIIMBU lamented the Police Post’s tardy completion, saying that it was a testament to the significance of the prompt release of Constituency Development Funds. Construction on the Police Post began in 2013, he added.

In order to enhance service delivery at all levels, the minister stated that the government would finish all worthwhile initiatives started by the previous administration.

In the meantime, Lusaka Province Police Commissioner KAANZA CLETO stated that in order to enhance security, timely and constructive feedback from the general public is required.

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